Master of Tactics

Have a question and you can't find an answer?
Send an email to support [ at ] (I am sure you can covert this address but a machine can't!)


I am having trouble, how do I get help?
  1. You can read the bug page to find if it's a known issue with a solution.
2. Submit a post to Master of Tactics Forum.
3. Email support for help.

Does Master of Tactics work in 64 bit Java?
  Yes - However in older versions of MoT the Windows EXE wrapper required Java 32 bit. If you wish to run an old version of Master of Tactics in a 64 bit JVM download the binary version (ZIP file). After unpacking, run using mot.bat or If you run by double clicking on mot.jar you will be using the default settings for Java VM.

How can I adjust the volume?
  In the root directory of the game you will find a file called settings.xml and settings_original.xml. Delete the file settings.xml. Open the file settings_original.xml in a text editor and locate the setting 'volume-effects' and 'volume-music'. Each of these is a value between 0.0 (silent) and 1.0 (full volume). You can also use the in game settings window (since version 1.09)!

Can MoT run in Full Window Mode?
  In the root directory of the game you will find a file called settings.xml and settings_original.xml. Delete the file settings.xml. Open the file settings_original.xml in a text editor and locate the setting 'full-screen'. A value of 1 should be used to run the game in full screen. Any other value means run in a standard window.

Is MoT published by Mobirix?
  No - I developed and published my game years before Mobirix published a game with the same name.

Is this game cross platform?
  Yes! This game was written in Java so can run on Apple Macs and on Linux too.

Any Future Plans?
  This game has been my hobby for the last 10 years. The original idea was to write an online game and play in a browser (no install required). This is still the plan but I have released this standalone install version because I can. Next step is an online and online multi-player version.... Have Java application servers and would like to help? Contact me!

How does Master of Tactics compare to Master of Orion II?
  • Planets are integrated into the galaxy.
  • Technologies, graphics, leaders and interface are all different and designed independently.
  • Addition of strategic resources, influence (culture that controls areas space), player alignment to an ancient race, mining stations, salvage and non colonisable planets.
  • Both have a tactical battle system but Master of Tactics feels very different because of the different set of technologies available and attack algorithms, multiple types of damage, and independent design.
  • Independent design and implementation of features that are shared leads to different game play and feel.

  • How many races are there?
      There are six pre-defined races. However, you can create your own custom race from dozens of options.

    Is there a story line?
      There is no fixed storyline. The galaxy is a blank canvas on which you and your enemies may determine your differences.

    How big is the galaxy?
      There are 5 galaxy sizes from tiny (25 planets) to huge (100 planets). A game with a huge galaxy would usually take more than a day to complete while a game in a tiny galaxy can be played in just an few hours.

    How do I invade an Enemy Planet?
      First you must have built a Transport craft and one must be available for use (See using Transports). If you have a transport available, open the solar system window for a planet that you want to take troops from (this planet will have less ground defense for a while). Navigate to the Other tab, then press the Load Troops button. Each time you press the button it will load 5 troops, so press it five times to fully load a transport with 25 troops. Close the solar system window and instruct the transport craft to move to your enemies planet in the galaxy map.

    What are Special Resources?
      These are resources that provide a significant bonus too all your crafts in the game. Resources are only found on planets too hostile to colonise - so you must mine the planet to get access to the resource.

    What are Transports?
      Transports are cargo craft, you build them just like a normal craft, as a project on a planet. Transports are used to move colonists between planets, move troops between planets (launch a ground assault and invade enemy planets), deploy space stations (build mining colonies) and deploy outposts to extend the range of your crafts. When in use they appear like normal craft on the galaxy map and can be moved like normal craft. When not being used, they are not displayed, but you can see how many transports are available for use in the status panel (bottom right) - Trans: 1 (one Transport available for use).

    How do I create a Mining Colony?
      Build a space station in one of your colonies (you must have researched it first). Once this project is complete your space station will be loaded onto a transport. Move this transport craft to a planet you would like to mine then press the deploy button on the craft menu.

    What is Range?
      A craft/fleet/transport can only travel to a solar system that is within range and your range is determined by the engine technology. So a solar system is within range if the distance from your closest solar system is less then the range of the engine being used to transport your craft/fleet/transport to that location. For a fleet the engine used is the craft's engine with the minimum range in the fleet. For a transport the engine used is the engine with the longest range you have discovered.

    How do I get Boralium Crystals?
      Boralium Crystals are a rare strategic resource and no player is guranteed to recieve boralium. However, if you are lucky you can find them as prizes or you can create a mining colony on a planet containing boralium (if you can find one).

    What does 0 damage mean when shot?
      It means the shields absorbed all the power of the attack and no damage was inflicted on the craft itself.

    What are missed technologies?
      These are technologies your scientists never thought off. You cannot research everything and so must find other ways to discover technologies (usually espionage, salvage and trading).