Master of Tactics
Master of tactics is a fast moving, action packed turn based space strategy game. It contains the tactical depths of epic games like civilisation without micro management slowing down the game play. Why get tied down with build queues, when you can get busy with strategy?

   Classical 4X Strategy
   Dynamic Galaxy Generation
   Tactical Battle System
   No Micro Management
   Custom Craft Design
   Deep Technology Tree

5 October 2017 Version 1.18 Released
Master of Tactics 1.18 has been released containing several great new features including:
  • Diplomatic request can containing any combination of treaties and assets
  • Can select espionage target technology for your spies
  • Can enable game features individually on New Game Window
  • New weapon type - Pulse

  • 15 April 2017 Version 1.17 Released
    When crafts are destroyed in battle, wreckage is produced, and from wreckage salvage can be collected. In version 1.17 how salvage works has been improved. There is a new research project 'Discover from Salvage' and the cost saving of using salvage to build a craft is now visible.

    Other great new features in this release include:
  • Galaxy Map shows quantity of craft in a stack
  • Diplomacy Window shows chances of spy success
  • Computer Players might follow isolationist foreign policy

  • 2 February 2017 Version 1.16 Released
    MoT has different races with different strengths but each species designed more or less the same craft. Now computer players design craft to suite their abilities (on harder levels).

    Other great new features in this release include:
  • Improved Status Panel
  • Improved Craft Design Screen

  • 20 November 2016 Version 1.15 Released
    Domination and Blockading have been part of the game since the beginning. However, until now their effects were not visible and I suspect many players were unaware of how to use them tactically.
    Other great new features in this release include:
  • Worm Holes
  • Stellar Object Context information improved and now shows influence

  • 9 November 2016 Java Not Required
    Master of Tactics 1.14 has been released with:
  • New Technologies (Sentinels,Kamikaze)
  • New Setup Option (Dedication)
  • Improved Battlefield AI
  • Plus many other changes and big fixes

  • The Windows EXE installer now contains a copy of the Java Runtime Environment so you do not need to install Java to play MoT.

    12 October 2016 Version 1.13 Released
    Master of Tactics 1.13 has been released containing several great new features including:
  • New Planetary Crisis 'Emmergency'
  • Planets, Crafts, Fleets and Transports are selectable on Galaxy Map
  • Galaxy Editor in all distributions
  • Multi Player in all distributions

  • 29 August 2015 Version 1.12 Released
    Master of Tactics 1.12 has been released containing several great new features including:
  • Context Sensitive Menu
  • Planetary Crisis
  • Craft Upgrade Project

  • Windows EXE now supports a Java 64 bit JVM. Although MoT has always worked in a 64 bit JVM, the windows wrapper did not so players using a 64 bit JVM had to use the ZIP file distribution.

    1 April 2014 Multiplayer Released
    Master of Tactics 1.11 has been released with:
  • LAN Multiplayer
  • Progress bars on galaxy map
  • Less micro management
  • Improved layout of solar system window

  • MoT technologies were designed as building blocks for creative strategy using original ideas. Playing against a computer is great for developing your skill, but to flower, try using your ideas on a friend!

    3 December 2014 Version 1.10 Released
    Master of Tactics 1.10 has been released. The communication layer between the GUI and Engine has been re-written. The new communication layer can operate remotely (for multi-player) or locally (for single player). Prior versions had two separate communication layers (remote and local) that worked differently and each would need testing for each release!

    The release also contains many bug fixes and some great new features:
  • New Game Window has more configuration options for improved game play
  • New technologies, improved GUI and many bug fixes

  • 4 March 2014 Version 1.09 Released
    Master of Tactics 1.09 has been released containing several great new features including:
  • Attack Warnings on the galaxy map
  • Speed Control in battle window
  • New Weapon - Anti Missile Beam

  • 19 February 2014 Missile Defence
    Missiles give a hard hit at the start of a battle, so hard a valuable craft can be destroyed before firing a shot. The only missile defence weapon is retarget, however, it selects the closest craft as the new target (which is usually still you!). You can fire beam weapons at missiles but because missiles are small and fast they are not easy to destroy.

    This is changing in version 1.09. A new weapon (anti missile beam) can only fire at automatons (droid mines and missiles) but is effective. Missile retarget is now a later technology and always retargets missiles at an enemy craft.

    28 January 2014 Version 1.08 Released
    Version 1.08 contains more graphical icons and the removal of idiosyncrasies on the battle field:
  • New Feature - Icon for Planet's Project on the Galaxy Map.
  • Change - Icons added to all text lists.
  • Change - Improved weapon graphics on battlefield.
  • Change - Ancient wrath fleets are disabled on easy and weaker on normal levels.
  • Change - Planets can only build Missile and Space Distortion.
  • Change - Weapons Retarget Beam, Girator and Prio Virus have been modified.
  • Change - Weapon Girator cannot miss (making it a good choice against a cloaked enemy).
  • Change - Weapon Plague spreads on battle field and has a graphical animation.
  • Change - Missiles and Droid Mines intercept craft instead of striking at end of move.

  • 16 January 2013 Development Update
    Master of Tactics uses a complex tactical battle system that enables the game to have a large variety of weapons (each fundamentally different). This diversity introduces tactical depth allowing players to devise their own unique strategies. However, it also introduced complexity into the program! The focus of the next release has been 'ease of use' in the battle system.

    Version 1.08 will be released soon and a huge effort has been put into improving the player's feel on the battlefield. The quantity of automated test cases test has been significantly increased with many bugs and idiosyncrasies fixed - the result is a better user experience.

    This version also sees the introduction of icons into the game's plain text lists and clickable icons on the galaxy map for each planet's build project. You can now see what your planets are building on the galaxy map, and more importantly, identify planets with no project.

    29 December 2013 Why Movement Indicators?
    The positioning of your craft on the battlefield is important in Master of Tactics due to concept of flanking and the effects of some weapons.

    Prior to version 1.07 clicking on an enemy craft to attack would move your craft as close as possible to the enemy and then fire weapons. But where would the movement AI actually move your craft too? There may be other crafts in the way and you can't end up on top of the target or any other craft! You were reliant on the AI doing exactly what you expected.

    Now with movement indicators you can adjust your movement and make it right. Hover over the target craft and a red outline will indicate where you are trying to move your craft while a green outline will indicate where the craft will actually move....

    During test we found battefield movement much easier (particularly when added with the improved AI for craft movement!).

    Happy playing.....

    23 December 2013 Version 1.07 Released
    Master of Tactics 1.07 has been released to the public containing several great new features including:
  • Tactical Battle Navigation Interface Improved (instruct crafts easier)
  • Improved Movement on the Battle Field (craft movement AI improved)
  • New Feature: Weapon Type Teleport
  • New Feature: Weapon Type Sleep
  • New Feature: Craft Design Tutorial
  • Improved Graphics for Weapon Space Distortion
  • More Express Keys (key '?' displays available keys on any screen)
  • Space Kaan disabled on easy level
  • Plus several bug fixes