Master of Tactics
Released Versions
Consider moving to the latest release if you are using a preview. You can find details of production builds here:


Preview 06
29 July 2013

Known bugs

  • Colony with no Population
    This is essentially a useless colony (half colonised) and occurs when a planet with natives is colonised for a second time.

  • New Features

  • Technology Tree
    You only need to discover 75% of the technologies in a level before progressing to the next level. This allows you to beeline to a particular technology skipping unwanted technologies. Note - Unlike most games of this genre empire building technologies are accumulative. This makes the only technologies missable to be unwanted millitary technologies.

  • Technology Details Tab
    Complete information for each technology displayed.

  • Preview 05
    Released 17 July 2013

    Known Bugs fixed in Preview 06

  • Minor Bugs
    - Planet images do not update as a planet terraforms at the correct time.
    - Craft images do not update when player surrenders.
    - Setup Option Gravity Weapon Immunity does not work.
    - Occasionally menu panel does not get painted when a battle ends.
    - Can bypass tutorial step for Planet Rename dialog box in Colonisation Animation.

  • New Features

  • General Ease of Use
    Tutorials - New game level Tutorial which is an easy game in tutorial mode.
    Tool Tips - More tool tips added throught the game.
    Tool Tips - Now display using classical popup format.
    Errors - When the user issues an invalid command an error sound is played.
    Difficulty - Easy and Normal levels have less powerful computer players.
    Solar System Window - Has buttons on title bar to navigate through colonies.
    Galaxy Map - Crafts are displayed larger with colour more visible.
    Fleet Window - New Button 'Go To' brings player to the craft on the galaxy map.

  • Weapons
    The balance of the weapons has been altered:
    Immobiliser - Now a long range weapon, designed to prevent enemy approach.
    Salvage Beam - Collects salvage automatically at end of battle if not used in battle.
    Shield Drain - Always drains power even if no friendly crafts can take it.

  • Technology Window
    New 'All Technologies' Tab - This new tab can be used to view all technologies defined in the game.

  • Preview 04
    Released 16 June 2013

    Known bugs fixed in Preview 05

  • Technology Window
    Selecting a technology type in which you have not made any discoveries does not clear previous selection.

  • Diplomacy
    Computer players offer trade treaties to players that have already reached maximum trade routes and the player can accept.
    Diplomacy Window does not show responses to diplomatic negotiations in Relations Window during an End Turn event.

  • Battle
    Retreating Craft - Missiles do not retarget and are not destroyed when fired at a craft that retreats from battle.

  • New Features

  • Craft Design
    Slight re-design of window to make it clearer what you are editing.

  • Natives
    Small planets (size 20 and 40) that are not very useful as colonies have natives. When colonised, planets with natives have a large starting population with infrastrusture already built. This makes them a tactical advantage at the start of the game.

  • Battle
    Ancients immune to craft invasion using Troop Transport
    Psi - Crafts surrender less and BattleStations have Psi Shields

  • Galaxy Map
    Stars display in the background of the galaxy map

  • Preview 03
    Released 18 May 2013

    Outstanding Issues

  • Craft Design
    This window is not easy or intuitive to use.

  • New Features

  • Planetary Fighters
    If a player has discovered FighterBays technology and a planet has built a scanner and a shield then the planet starts all battles with a fighters.

  • Ancients Alignment and Gifts
    At date 3075 and 3250 the ancients give gifts to aligned players that cannot be researched.
    All computer players have a 50% chance of being aligned with an ancient at the start of a game.
    Race Relations window warns user before declaring war on a player of the same alignment.

  • Diplomacy
    When an alliance causes a war between two players of the same alignment, the ancients do not send a wrath fleet. Wrath fleets are only sent when YOU are the one starting the war. We are aware this could be used to get around the war declaration restrictions places on you by aligning to an ancient race.

  • Minor Changes
    Battle - Improved AI for craft movement in the battle field.
    Craft Design - Added Cancel Button and labeled Craft Design Background.
    Solar System and Select Project - New images for 'No Project' that are more informative.

  • Known bugs fixed in Preview 04

  • Battle Window
    After a battle finishes, craft animations from the next battle can appear.

    Crafts sometimes move sideways.

    Crafts sometimes turn too far then jump back.

  • Diplomacy Window
    Adding and removing spies modifies relationship bar

    Gifting technology already discovered still improves relationship

  • Galaxy Map
    Galaxies generated for a New Game produce solar systems that are 'too close'.

    Pressing 'New Game' button repeatedly (to get a galaxy you like) can result in 'ghost' solar systems appearing on the screen that do not exist in the game (and disapear on save / reload).

    When a planet changes owner (gifted or surrendered) the new owner is not added as a visitor to the solar system - this means until you fly a craft to it, you cannot see its name on the galaxy map or open it.

  • Startup Window
    Pressing X on the title bar to close the window leaves game in a null state.

  • Craft Details
    Assault Capability incorrectly calculated in the Statistical Breakdown panel.

  • Preview 02
    Released 7 May 2013

    Outstanding Issues

  • Race Relations Window
    Responses to Diplomatic Requests do not appear until window is closed. Restarting the game will fix the issue.

  • Known bugs fixed in Preview 03

  • Race Relations Window
    Relationship bar shows underlying relationship which does not include diplomatic events like invasion of planets, annoying behaviour etc....
    No Diplomatic relations panel appears properly (instead if looking like a line)
    Rejecting a demand displays a message saying you accepted (demand was rejected - just wrong message).

  • Battle Window
    After a battle finishes, craft animations from the next battle can appear.
    Can't move (your) craft out of order and can't select individual weapons to fire.
    Missiles do not explode when destroyed (by firing at them).

  • Craft Invasion
    Craft Invasion during battle - causes the craft to change owner but the craft's image does not change on the galaxy map so it still shows as the old player colour until the game is restarted.

  • Outposts
    Computer Players attemt to build outposts on guarded planets.

  • Preview 01
    Released 30 April 2013

    Known bugs fixed in Preview 02

  • End Turn Button
    Can press 'End Turn' before all events from the previous end turn are processed. This can cause select new Planet and Research Projects to appear multiple times.

  • Offer Leader and Offer Moral Choice
    If user does not respond to the offer and forces the window closed by closing the parent, stops future events being received from the game engine.

  • Diplomacy Window
    The responses to diplomatic requests are lost. The first response appears but all subsequent responses will not display until the close button is pressed.
    Relationship bar shows the underlying relationship that does not include diplomatic events such as invasion of planets, demands etc.
    Recieve requests for peace from players with no diplomatic relations. An alliance c an cause you to be at war with a player.whome you have no contact with. That player can then request peace.